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Overview of worldwide SMS gateway for bulk mailing from Intistele

20 марта 2021 г. — Банки Украины

To successfully communicate with customers and employees, many companies use social networks and instant messengers, but for more effective interaction, it is better to turn to a service such as SMS notifications. Now almost every person has a phone, so informing by SMS notification is a reliable tool for business development. The IntisTele service can help optimize the work of an enterprise using a worldwide SMS gateway for mass mailings.

Why use the IntisTele service?

The services and their cost from IntisTele can be found on the official website https://www.intistele.com/ru/asmsp. Setting up mass notifications via SMS informing will allow you to reach every resident of the country, offering your services, services, informing simply from the site about ongoing promotions and discounts, and other important information.

worldwide SMS gateway

SMS gateway settings for bulk mailings from the trusted IntisTele company has a lot of advantages:

To set up an SMS gateway, you just need to register on the website, upload a list of contacts, set up SMS notifications, pay for the desired services and get your benefits from interacting with customers.

The Advanced SMS Platform (ASMSP) is suitable for any business, and the cost of setting up an SMS gateway is acceptable for many companies that want to find their consumer (client). IntisTele can offer a comprehensive solution for any company. It will take just a few minutes to launch the mailing list by sending SMS via API or from the official website of the information service provider (from IntisTele).

SMS messaging: benefits for business

Any business can afford flexible configuration of the SMS-gateway for mass mailing from IntisTele. Any business can set a task for sending notifications from online services or online stores. Informing with SMS messages is a way to keep up with the times.

Accurate cost analysis for SMS notification services and flexible service system, attractive prices make IntisTele a leader. High-quality service, competent and quick design and configuration of an SMS gateway are the main benefits that attract businessmen and are ready to promote their companies. Automation of SMS informing, accurate cost analysis allows IntisTele customers to significantly save money and get excellent results - increasing capacities and increasing real customers.


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